Give Your Floors an Undeniable Shine

Give Your Floors an Undeniable Shine

Enjoy a 15-year warranty on all epoxy coatings

Are your garage floors dull? Liven them up with an epoxy coating. KBR Contracting LLC can install your floor coating and give you care guidance to keep them shiny for years to come. We have a wide selection of color and style options available designed to enhance your garage while protecting your floors.

Call today to schedule service with one of our epoxy-certified specialists.

Learn how epoxy extends the life of your floors

Epoxy is an excellent material for your garage floors. It gives them undeniable shine while protecting them from:

Premature wear
Heat damage
Oil and water damage
Scratches and imperfections

Epoxy is also a low-maintenance coating option because it's easy to clean and won't lose its luster over time.

Modernize your garage floors with an epoxy coating. Reach out to our team right away to schedule service.